With Getting Dreams Done your dreams and goals will become realities...

Available in the App Store now, Getting Dreams Done is an iPhone and iPod Touch application to help you in getting your dreams done. This application supports you to set your life goals and have to always them in a place where they are accessible to you. 

Comments and reviews 

iTunes review Version 2.0.1 - Jan 27, 2012 - "This app exceeded my expectations, it helps a lot to establish the right habits on the way of accomplishing lofty goals and dreams. It has simple and beautiful interface, it allows creating and tracking dreams in any category you choose, assign goals to a dream and practices and write notes. Buy this app and realize your dreams!"

Lululemon blog - Makes the "our favourite digital goal setting tools" list. "Part of what I love most is that it’s simple to use."

OPTED Magazine - This a review of an earlier version, it is even better now!

Steaz - Apps To Help You Meet Your Goals.